Welcome to Lovely Living University!

Our opening Day is November 1, 2014. So delighted you are here taking a look around! We hope you'll enjoy this experiment with online collaborative learning. Classes and book clubs are just 30 days (1 month long) since we're all (students and teachers both) busy with jobs, families, and other hobbies in our real lives. 

Hope you'll stop by the Forum and introduce yourself! 

Our first classes and book clubs begin on December 1, 2014. 


Welcome thread - Please introduce yourself!

Started by Carrie Campbell 12 hours ago.



Lovely Living University is a community offering free classes on homemaking, vintage history, cooking, literature, gardening, entertaining, etiquette, and related topics.

You don't get credit or a grade, just the fun of learning new things and discussing lovely topics.

Our instructors are knowledgeable, passionate people who donate their time to share information with students.

If you have a college degree and would like to teach a lovely course here, read the instructor FAQ and then please drop me (Carrie) a message.

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