Who would like to receive a little care package of individual packets of brand new, unopened autumn flavored teas? I have many many more than just what's shown here. Both herbal and decaf. 

I have 7 little gift packages I've made up, for whoever has a US shipping address (Sorry, Canadians, Brits and Australians!) and would like to receive a tea sampler gift package. 

(You'll probably get a tea bag or two that you don't care for, so just hang onto it and make tea from it for someone who visits you this fall!) 

Drop a comment here and I'll message you to ask for your address to ship the tea selection to! (I don't keep your address after sending out the box, don't worry!) 


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Those flavors in the picture look amazing Carrie!

Cinnamon Apple Chamomile, that sounds yummy! I have never heard of it. These all sound amazing. 

All of those tea flavors sound amazing!  I have an unhealthy obsession with tea and anything Fall related so you are my new hero! <3 

Put me down on the list please, I'd love to try some new teas!


Oh how sweet ! I'd love some , thank you so much <3
I could drink tea any time by autumn is just my favorite tea season!
Good morning! I would love to try samples of those teas! I tend to stick with Jasmine or Oolong teas. Need to branch out! Thank you, Carrie!
Cool fall weather is the perfect time for tea! I would love to try some new flavors!

Ooh, I'd be delighted

Yummy! What a treat!

They look wonderful!!  Some great flavors for a frosty fall afternoon.  I would love some :)

How nice of you, Carrie, I'd love one of your care packages!  :-)  

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