Please take a moment to introduce yourself and let us know a bit about your interest in Lagom. 

Also, were you a fan of hygge when it was so popular the last couple years? 


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I loved the idea of hygge (though I wasn't good at staying home in my socks - I went out to lots of dinners and movies this year!) 

I'm interested in Lagom because while I am not a hoarder or even much of a packrat, I'm a bit overwhelmed with how many THINGS I own. I love decorating for Christmas and putting up Christmas lights, so there are over 40 Sterilite bins in my garage of said supplies.. and I love throwing parties, so own five full sets of formal dishes, one for each season.. sigh. 

I'm hoping this book and the lifestyle movement can help inspire me to do more with less and live with less!




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