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I thought this was a sad and really great film. I'm stuck with the scene where Norma meets with C. B. DeMille thinking they will be discussing her big come back film, while her chauffeur learns the studios real interest is in renting her old and unique car.  It is then tragic when watching Norma apply numerous face creams, treatments, and exercises in preparation for the film role she thinks that C.B.DeMille has offered her by his evasive answers during their meeting; only there is no role, just her delusions.

This is one of my favorite films. I think it is because it shows the breakdown of someone who is clinging so desperately to the past. Gloria Swanson is amazing as Norma Desmond. Her life really has become tragic as she has secluded herself in that big, rambling mansion. She has her memories of being a star, but no one really remembers her... the fan mail is all fake and written by Max. It seems the few people who do know her are allowing her to remain in her delusion. When things are questioned, the facade starts to crack and so does Norma. So much is going on under the surface. I have to watch this one at least once a year. :-)



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