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Home Economics 103: Hosting a Retro Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving


November 2018


Instructor: Carrie Campbell



Home Economics 103 Syllabus in Word.doc

Week One (November 1-7): Old-Fashioned Thanksgivings Real and Imagined




Participate in at least two forum discussions this week.




The Birth of Thanksgiving


Classic Thanksgiving Magazine Covers


Forgotten New England: Thanksgiving Dinner


The Meaning of Thanksgiving, as Told Through Cold War Propaganda


An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, by Louisa May Alcott, 1882


The Peculiar Parade of Thanksgiving Traditions


The Planning and Preparing of Thanksgiving Dinner in the Gilded Age


Thanksgiving Suggestions from Entertainments for Every Month, 1916


Thanksgiving Trivia: The History of the Holiday


Vintage Thanksgiving Advertising in the Days of Old


Vintage Tips for a ‘Perfect’ Thanksgiving Dinner


What was On the Menu at the First Thanksgiving?




American Nostalgia: The 1950s Thanksgiving


A Day of Thanksgiving, 1951


When Americans Shared Baseball, Norman Rockwell and Thanksgiving


Extra Credit:


Did Norman Rockwell Ruin the Thanksgiving Turkey?


Freaky Harvest: The Lost Ritual of Thanksgiving Maskers


Six Things Everyone Believes About Thanksgiving That Are Absolutely Untrue


Tables and Favors (Dennison, 1922)


Thanksgiving Poem, by Bessie Lawrence


This Is What Thanksgiving Looked Like 100 Years Ago


When Thanksgiving Meant a Fancy Dinner Out on the Town


Week Two (November 8-15): Setting the Thanksgiving Table; Vintage Thanksgiving Recipes




Participate in at least two discussions this week in the forum.




America’s Thanksgiving Recipes


An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Menu


Antiques Roadshow’s Vintage Thanksgiving Tips


A Case for Canned Cranberry Sauce


Create a Retro Thanksgiving Party


15 Vintage Thanksgiving Dishes You Should Cook This Year


Green Bean Casserole: The Thanksgiving Staple We Love or Loathe


Host a Retro Thanksgiving for Modern Tastes


How to Set a Formal Dinner Table


Ina Garten’s Dinner Party Trick: Cook in Advance


Planning Thanksgiving Dinner


The Right Way to Set a Formal Table


7 Unusual Vintage Thanksgiving Dishes Nobody Serves Anymore


Sheep’s Head and Pigeon Pie: Vintage Thanksgiving Menus Reveal Strange Dishes and Recipes


Thanksgiving Recipes from Godey’s Ladies Book


Vintage Recipes: Thanksgiving Feasts


Vintage Menu Gives Your Holiday a Throwback Vibe





Butterball Thanksgiving Turkey Ad 1956


History of Green Bean Casserole and How to Make It


It’s Carving Time: The 1940s Thanksgiving


Setting a Formal Table Setting (Good Housekeeping, 1 min 40 secs)


Extra Credit:


American Nostalgia: The 1950s Thanksgiving


How to Host an Old-Fashioned Pie Social


Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Recipes from Newspapers


9 Vintage Thanksgiving Side Dishes We Shouldn’t Bring Back


19 Horrifying Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas from Vintage Food Ads


Victorian Thanksgiving Menu


Week Three (November 16-22): Thanksgiving Libations and Entertainments




Participate in at least two discussions this week in our forum


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Classic Cocktails for Thanksgiving


Don’t Forget the Music: A Well Seasoned Thanksgiving Soundtrack


The First Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


Games for Thanksgiving Time, from Social Entertainments: A Book of Practical Suggestions for Entertaining, 1914


History of the Thanksgiving Day Parade


Thanksgiving Cocktails Will Take the Edge off the Stressful Holiday Season


Thanksgiving Day Entertainments, from The Art of Entertaining for All Occasions, 1913


Thanksgiving Home Fun, 1935 USDA booklet


Thanksgiving Games, 1932 USDA booklet


Vintage Ad Archive: The Drinks of Thanksgiving




Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 1939


Thanksgiving Day Parade 1935


Extra Credit:


Bottoms Up with Brini


11 Thanksgiving ‘Facts’ That Actually Aren’t True


Table Decorations for Thanksgiving, from Hospitality: Recipes and Entertainment Hints for All Occasions, 1922


The Thanksgiving Table and A Bachelor’s Thanksgiving Dinner, from The Good Housekeeping Hostess, 1904


Week Four (November 23-31): Cleanup, Leftovers and Reflection




Write a new blog post discussing how your Thanksgiving dinner went!


Live Chat:


No Live Chat this week due to Thanksgiving travel.




American Thanksgiving 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s


Our Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes


19 Ways to Eat Thanksgiving Leftovers for Breakfast


The Power of Nostalgia at Thanksgiving


Extra Credit:


Bing Crosby Thanksgiving 1947 Radio Show


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Opening Sequence


Jerky Turkey Cartoon, 1945


Pluto Cold Turkey, 1951






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