Mary Poppins Course Syllabus

Lovely Living University


Literature 106: Mary Poppins


December 2018


Instructor: Carrie Campbell




Introduction: We’ll re-watch the classic 1964 film, read the book that inspired it, learn about the life of the author, examine the cultural impact of Mary Poppins, and explore the sequel, Mary Poppins Returns.


WEEK 1 - December 1-7 : Mary Poppins: The Book




Read the Mary Poppins book this week. It’s short, you can do it!


Mary Poppins Book Review


Mary Poppins Book Series in Order


Not Sugary but Sharp and Subversive, on the Page and the Screen


P.L. Travers Mary Poppins Books are Full of Dark Delight




Mary Poppins Audiobook (Optional; 4 hours)




Participate in at least two forum discussions this week.


Extra Credit:


Mary Poppins Opens the Door


WEEK 2 – December 8-15: Mary Poppins: The Classic Film and Its Influence




Explore Disney’s Mary Poppins Official Website


Explore the Mary Poppins Effect Blog


Explore the Mary Poppins Festival Website


50 Practically Perfect Facts About Mary Poppins


Mary Poppins Was the Original Disney Feminist


New York Times’ 1964 Review of Mary Poppins


Practically Perfect in Every Way: Julie Andrews at the National Portrait Gallery


26 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Mary Poppins


Variety’s 1963 Mary Poppins Film Review




Mary Poppins 1964 Trailer


Chim Chim Cheree


Mary Poppins World Premiere 1964


P.L. Travers Interview at the 1964 Mary Poppins Premiere


Feed the Birds


Jolly Holiday


Julie Andrews Wins an Oscar for Mary Poppins


Julie Andrews on the 50th Anniversary of Mary Poppins


Let’s Go Fly a Kite


The Making of Mary Poppins (watch all six parts)


Spoon Full of Sugar






Participate in at least two forum discussions this week.


Extra Credit:


How Mary Poppins Softened the Image of the Suffragette


Mary Poppins on The Next Reel Film Podcast


Mary Poppins on Retro Rewind Podcast


WEEK 3 – December 16-22: The Making of Mary Poppins; the Life of P.L. Travers




Becoming Mary Poppins: P.L. Travers, Walt Disney, and the Making of a Myth


Dick Van Dyke Paid Walt Disney $4000 for Second Role in Mary Poppins


The Disney Films: Mary Poppins


How Did P.L. Travers, The Prickly Author of Mary Poppins, Really Fare Against Walt Disney?


How Mary Poppins Author P.L. Travers Got a Disney Makeover


How We Made Mary Poppins


Jane Banks Actress Finally Watches Mary Poppins Film for the First Time


Julie Andrews on Meeting P.L. Travers


Let Us Not Forget the Remarkable Life of P.L. Travers


Mary Poppins Making-Of Info from D23 50th Anniversary Celebration


Mary Poppins Child Star Karen Dotrice: If I’d Had It My Way…


Mary Wickes, the Original On-Screen Mary Poppins, Devasted When Walt Disney Snubbed Her for Iconic Role


Not All Spoonfuls of Sugar: Saving Mr. Banks


  1. L. Travers Biography


P.L. Travers at


Revealing Secrets about Mary Poppins


The Story of P.L. Travers


The Truth Behind Mary Poppins Creator P.L. Travers



Rent or stream, and watch “Saving Mr. Banks”


The Secret Life of Mary Poppins


Saving Mr. Banks Trailer


A Visit with P.L. Travers, from The Library of Congress


Was Mary Poppins Real?




Participate in at least two forum discussions this week


Extra credit:


Australian Towns at War Over Mary Poppins Author P.L. Travers Legacy


Mary Poppins Parade at Disneyland


The Real Mary Poppins


The Strange Life of the Author of Mary Poppins


The Trouble with the Real Mary Poppins


WEEK 4 – December 23-31: Mary Poppins Comes Back and Mary Poppins Returns


Live Chat:


No live chat this week due to Christmas Eve and Christmas being so busy




Costume Designer Sandy Powell’s Magic Touch on Mary Poppins Returns


The First Mary Poppins Was Super Important to the Cast and Crew of Mary Poppins Returns


How Mary Poppins Returns Gave the Nanny a Practically Perfect Makeover


How Mary Poppins Returns Recreates and Reinvents Familiar Costumes and Sets


How Mary Poppins’ Style Returns to the Big Screen With a Practically Perfect New Twist


How Production Designer John Myhre Brought the Set of Mary Poppins Returns to Life


How Rob Marshall Made Mary Poppins Sing Again


In Mary Poppins Returns, Lin Manuel Miranda Arrives as a Movie Musical Star


Mary Poppins Returns Costume Designer Created 448 Original Looks for the Characters


Mary Poppins Returns is Derivative, but Charming


Mary Poppins Returns, in Splendor


Mary Poppins Returns: Why Julie Andrews Turned Down a Cameo




Can You Imagine That? Song Clip


Mary Poppins Returns: Behind the Scenes


Mary Poppins Returns Trailer


Emily Blunt on Why Mary Poppins is So Extraordinary


Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda Share Everything About Mary Poppins Returns


Nowhere To Go But Up (Song)


Rediscovering a Disney Icon


Trip a Little Light Fantastic (Song)


Underneath the Lovely London Sky (Song)





Write a blog post with your thoughts on the movies, the songs, and the Mary Poppins books. What was it like to re-experience them, if applicable? Would you like to see the third Mary Poppins book filmed too?


Extra Credit:


Designing a Depression-Era London Dipped in Reality


Emily Blunt on Daunting Task of Playing Mary Poppins


Emily Blunt’s Mary Poppins is as Magical and Mysterious as Ever


ScreenTimes: Mary Poppins Returns




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