Probably my favorite chapter in the whole book - how about you? 

And again here, Laura Ingalls Wilder goes into lots of detail of how Pa handcrafted a wood shelf bracket for Ma's present. She spends nearly three pages describing the process. Why do you think she included so much detail?

Food in this chapter sounds so delicious - except.. vinegar pie? Have you ever tried that? 

I looked up a recipe - it doesn't sound too bad after all!

Have you ever made molasses snow? I tried once, when I was young, using pancake syrup, but alas, the syrup was too runny.

The cousins and aunt/uncles come visit. I didn't realize til I was older and re-read the book, how many people Ma left behind when Pa moved the family to Kansas. That must have been so difficult for her. 

Laura and Mary get just candy, mittens and a doll for Christmas, yet are supremely happy. Any thoughts on this, comparing our own nieces/nephews, grandkids or kids today and our modern Christmases?

The adults gave each other handmade gifts! Anybody here give or recieve a handmade gift this Christmas?

Ma makes pancake men for the children, and the relatives then bundle up and take their sleigh home.

Thoughts on this chapter?


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This was a really fun chapter to read. I liked that the family came over -- using buffalo robes and blankets to keep warm, which made me realize how close the family was to come all that way for one holiday.  I, too, came to realize how much easier we have it nowadays with the Christmas presents. Everyone seemed so grateful for little items, and for the chance to be together. I think my niece and nephews are young enough that they'd enjoy a pot and wooden spoon to bang on if I gave it to them for Christmas, but I know that won't always be the case, and I need to cherish it while it lasts before they get into electronics! 

I didn't do any handmade gifts this year, but every year I make online personalized photo calendars for my co-workers and office staff. I include pictures of the classes and kids in our organization, and of activities and events that go on during the year. My director was so touched the first time I did it that it's been a tradition for a few years now. It's a little time-consuming to make, but I love seeing how much she enjoys it. Kinda like how Ma and Pa felt, I guess! 

I've never made molasses snow but I sure wanted to try. Now I need to go find molasses -- and snow! 



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