Almanzo (romantically! dashingly!) arrives unexpectedly to drive Laura home so she can spend the weekend with her family. 

I love reading about Laura coming home to Ma's cozy, homey house: the red-checked tablecloth on the table, hand sewn rag rugs on the floor, rocking chairs in front of the fire, Ma's workbasket ready for mending, a purring cat. 

"Laura was more hungry for talk than food." 

Laura surprises Carrie with reminding her they are lucky to have a nice home like this.

Have you ever visited someone's yucky home overnight, and been similarly glad to return to your own neat and tidy and lovely home?  Tell us the story below if you aren't shy!

Laura makes the most of her time, helping her sisters with chores, washing her clothes, visiting Mary Power, takes her only bath of the week (yikes), goes to church, visits with Ida Brown, spends Sunday afternoon with the family, and writes a letter to Mary.

If you want to hear "My Sabbath Home" from the Pa's Fiddle record, here it is:

And if you're curious about The Doxology from page 43, here it is:

Pa gently teases Laura about Almanzo coming to drive her back to the Brewsters! 

What did you think of this chapter?

Anything stand out to you?


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I have always loved the "scene" when Laura comes home from Brewster school for the first time.  She so beautifully describes the feelings of homecoming,  of safety,  of being where she belongs.  I read over and over the part where Laura is talking to Carrie and says,  "you just wait 'til you go away,  then you'll understand." She doesn't say it in a mean way,  of course; it's just difficult to express those feelings to someone who hasn't been away from home and who is so young.  And I imagine that since the books were written so much later in Laura's life,  she had life experience from which to draw to explain,  perhaps better than she could at 15 or 16, how it feels to be alone in a strange (never mind a very scary) place. Not to get too dreary, but I didn't always feel safe at home,  and I remember relating to that part.  And there were also times when I'd been babysitting at a scary place,  and was very glad to get home, so it went both ways!!



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