Laura is now halfway through her eight-week term. The weather is bitter cold. Ma notices Laura is skinny, and Pa gives her permission to quit the term if she's too stressed. 

How do you feel about Laura feeling guilty for Almanzo driving her so far "for nothing" and wondering if she will be obliged to drive out with him in the future after school is over and she's returned home? What do you think of the way she told him, and how he reacted?

Have you heard the term "shilly-shallying" before?

Mr. Brewster announces it's too cold to go to school and the school is closed - Laura will be stuck in the house with Mrs. Brewster all day! 

How did you feel reading the part where Mrs. Brewster goes a bit crazy and is brandishing a butcher knife in the middle of the night? It's too cold for Laura to just run out of the house to get away (at least the knife is pointed at Mr. Brewster, not Laura!)

The children behave better in the cold, freezing classroom.. and Almanzo comes for her again..


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