Laura doesn't tell her parents about the incident with Mrs. Brewster and the knife, afraid they won't let her go back, and she wouldn't be hired again to teach because of quitting early. (Sad!)

"The temperature was only fifteen degrees below zero when Laura and Almanzo set out." ONLY?

What did you think of the part where Almanzo claims his driving Laura is because it's boring sitting around town?

I keep being disappointed in Laura for not being a better conversationalist, but then I remind myself she's only 15!

Finally she manages to chat about the horses, and Almanzo seems to enjoy that.

They finally begin to get to know each other a bit.

I love that Laura reminds the children that they are lucky to have the opportunity to go to school.

Laura's printed name cards (which made their appearance in Little Town on the Prairie) are presented to each student.

How did you feel about the gifts the children gave her?

Who else was utterly surprised that Clarence apologized?

Laura realizes this was her last sleigh ride with Almanzo.

Do you think the text gives us any clues as to how she feels about this?


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I, too, thought it was sad that Laura didn't speak up; then again, when I was her age (and even now, sometimes), I would have "toughed it out" as well. I had that same thought about the temperature...ONLY 15 below is still mighty cold!!! 

I thought the gifts that the children gave her were great. Simple yet such a sweet gesture. I know I love it when kids make me handmade cards and gifts. I always try to save those since they took the time and effort to make them. (Although I do admit that gift cards are great, too!) I loved her speech to the class; it's always good to remind children to get a good education. I think Laura was so excited to get home that the whole "last ride" concept flew out of her head. Or maybe she was hoping it wasn't the last ride and that she'd get to ride with Almanzo again, this time at home! 

I loved how the students responded to her with warmth and appreciation. Even Clarence. He's a good guy after all. :) 

I thought "ONLY" as well with "only fifteen degrees below zero."

I wonder if Almanzo was putting up defense mechanisms and/or not wanting to push her away further.

Later, Laura noted that Almanzo said "good-bye." I don't know. It kind of sounds like she thought it was fine and that makes sense because it was the last ride. On the other hand, she gave it thought, which might indicate she has further feelings about the whole situation.



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