The Brewsters' house continues to be miserable; Mr. Brewster spends as much time as possible in the stable. Laura continues to teach and study.

Suddenly, the county school superintendent, Mr. Williams, shows up for a surprise visit.

I was so glad that Laura's students happened to be sitting in their seats and behaving at that moment!

I was sad that Laura felt her discipline wasn't up to par just because two children returned to their seats after warming themselves at the stove, without permission. You'd think going back to your seat would be a good thing!

Did you laugh at what Mr. Williams said when he addressed the school?


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I could relate to Laura's nervousness in this chapter. Even though I've been teaching for 15 years, and have done well in the past, I always have a bit of the "butterflies" whenever I have an classroom observation coming up. No matter how long you've taught, it's always nerve-wracking to have someone else in the room watching you. (And of course there's always a few behavior or classroom management surprises within a lesson, no matter how well planned the lesson was.)  Luckily for Laura, Mr. Williams seemed like a nice man, and he understood that she was doing the best she can, especially as a new young teacher. (He hired her, correct?) I too, laughed, when he addressed the school. It definitely helped ease the tension for both Laura and her students. 

I was a little surprised at what was considered lack of discipline, but that was the time. It seemed odd, though because they asked permission initially.  I'm glad the superintendent put her at ease. He was probably grateful she was there and was pleased with the success she had.

If I was Mr. Brewster, I'd leave as much as possible, too! Poor Johnny though!



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