June Reading Schedule: The Long Winter

June 1-7: 

1. Make Hay While the Sun Shines

2. An Errand to Town

3. Fall of the Year

4. October Blizzard

5. After the Storm

6. Indian Summer 

7. Indian Warning

8. Settled in Town

June 8-15: 

9. Cap Garland

10. Three Days' Blizzard

11. Pa Goes to Volga

12. Alone

13. We'll Weather the Blast

14. One Bright Day

15. No Trains

16. Fair Weather

17. Seed Wheat

18. Merry Christmas

June 16-23: 

19. Where There's a Will

20. Antelope!

21. The Hard Winter

22. Cold and Dark

23. The Wheat in the Wall

24. Not Really Hungry

25. Free and Independent

26. Breathing Spell

27. For Daily Bread

June 23-30:

28. Four Days' Blizzard

29. The Last Mile

30. It Can't Beat Us

31. Waiting for the Train

32. The Christmas Barrel

33. Christmas in May


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