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Media Studies 109: The Life and Films of Shirley Temple


November 2018


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Introduction: We’ll look at the life of Shirley Temple, re-watch some of her films, and learn about what she did in her later years.

Textbook (optional): Child Star: An Autobiography, by Shirley Temple Black


WEEK 1: Baby Burlesks; Discovering Shirley; Shirley’s first roles




Before The Good Ship Lollipop, Shirley Temple Did Baby Burlesks


Life for Shirley Temple Begins at 4, Not 40 (UPI archives from 1934)


Shirley Temple Began in Short Films


Shirley Temple Biography

Shirley Temple’s Childhood Destroyed by Hollywood


Shirley Temple Facts


Shirley Temple Saved a Studio from Going Under



Baby Take a Bow (from Stand Up and Cheer, 1934, 2.5 mins)


Military Man (from “Poor Little Rich Girl”, 1936, 4 mins)

“On The Good Ship Lollipop” (from “Bright Eyes,” 1934; 3.5 mins)


Shirley Temple’s Childhood Home (3 mins)


Shirley Temple’s Sixth Birthday (1 min)


Stand Up and Cheer clips (1933; 8 mins)



Watch one or two of her popular films from 1932-1939 (The Little Princess, The Little Colonel, Heidi, Poor Little Rich Girl or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm are recommended)


WEEK 2: Shirley Temple’s Depression Era and Wartime Roles




Life Magazine Shirley Temple Cover (1938)


How Shirley Temple Helped FDR


Shirley Temple: America’s Little Darling


Shirley Temple Magazine Cover Photos


Shirley Temple at the National Portrait Gallery


Shirley Temple Time Magazine Cover (1936),16641,19360427,00.html


The Shirley Temple Time Radio Program





Animal Crackers in My Soup (from Curly Top, 1935; 4.5 mins)


Little Miss Broadway (4 mins)


The Little Colonel Tap Dance Scene with Bojangles (1935; 2.5 mins)


Shirley Temple A&E Biography (44 mins)


Shirley Temple Yodeling in The Blue Bird (1940; 1 min)


You’ve Got to Eat Your Spinach, Baby (from Poor Little Rich Girl, 1936; 3 mins)


Extra Credit:

Shirley Temple – America’s Little Darling (48 mins)


Watch one or two of Shirley Temple’s films from 1939-1949


WEEK 3: Shirley as a Teenager; Shirley Temple, Wife and Mother; Shirley’s Storybook




Shirley Temple: Dolls, Life and Legacy


Shirley Temple’s First Onscreen Kiss (Miss Annie Rooney, 1942)


Shirley Temple’s First Husband, John Agar


Shirley Temple, Radio Star


Shirley Temple’s Storybook


The Untold Truth of Shirley Temple




“Kiss and Tell” (1945) ending


Shirley Temple Assassination Attempt 1939


Shirley Temple Dancing in “Fort Apache”


Shirley Temple in The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer (1947; 1.5 mins) and film trailer (1.5 mins)


Shirley Temple’s Storybook Trailer (1961; 3 mins)


Shirley Temple’s 21st Birthday


Shirley Temple’s Wedding (1945)





WEEK 4: Shirley Temple the Ambassador; Shirley Temple’s death and burial




After Retiring from Film in 1950, Shirley Temple Became the US Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia


Appreciation: Shirley Temple, Child Star


Childhood Movie Star Became Diplomat


Hollywood Legend Shirley Temple Black Has Died


How Shirley Temple Went from Movie Star to US Ambassador


Shirley Temple: Actress, Ambassador, Honorary African Chief


Shirley Temple: Celebrity or Generic Term?


Shirley Temple: The Child Star Who Wasn’t a Cautionary Tale


Shirley Temple Black’s American Legacy


Shirley Temple Black: A Life in Pictures

Shirley Temple Undergoes Surgery (1972)


Shirley Temple Obituary


Shirley Temple Survived Being Biggest Child Star of All Time with Wit and Grace


The Swearing In of Shirley Temple Black as Chief of Protocol (1976)


There Will Never Be Another Shirley Temple





Kennedy Center Honors Shirley Temple


Shirley Temple Black Speaks About SAG Lifetime Achievement Award (2006; 1 min)


Shirley Temple Sings Auld Lang Syne in Wee Willie Winkie (1937)


Extra Credit:

Collectors Still Savor Shirley Temple Black Memorabilia


Inside the Shirley Temple: How the Mocktail Got Its Name


Shirley Temple Black on Larry King (1988; 30 mins)


Shirley Temple Still a Star at 60 (UPI/1988)

Town Meeting with Shirley Temple Black (1988; 45 mins)




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