What is your history with picnics?

Did you go as a child with your family? 

Do you go now as an adult with friends, or as a family with your own children? With your church perhaps?

Have you ever been to an unusual themed picnic (Steampunk, Victorian cemetery, pirate picnic, etc?)

Do you personally host picnics often? what do you bring and serve?

If you haven't ever been on a picnic, what are you hoping to get out of this class to inspire you to go out and create one?


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We spent many happy days when I was a child at Washington’s Crossing Park, right along the Delaware river. My mother’s sister and her husband would come, too. I remember the park had brick ovens you could use, and my parents always brought a percolator and had coffee. My mother was a wonderful cook- she made baked goods, salad, potato salad, and Lima beans in a barbecue sauce.

when my own children were little, we lived nearby a meadow with a stream, and we would take simple no-cook picnics there- popcorn, cold cuts, fruit. We sometimes had a picnic tea party on our front porch.

When I was younger (and gas was MUCH cheaper) my family used to go for drives on Sundays and we would always take picnic goodies with us. We explored a lot of Ohio that way. It has been a while since I have been on a picnic. 



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