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Classes here at Lovely University are free. 

They're designed to be general beginner survey classes, lasting just a month. We figured 1 month classes are all anybody here can commit to - we're all busy with work, children, pets, family, friends, and other our hobbies. So classes are meant to give us just a taste of a fun topic, a jumping off point to do research later. 

Each class generally is broken down into four one-week segments. Each week you can usually expect to read a few chapters in a textbook (whenever possible, a free textbook or one you can find in your local library); watch up to one hour of videos or documentaries; read two or three extra articles; and explore five or ten web links. We'll also usually try to have one Live Chat in the evenings, but they end up being pretty late for the East Coast people. 

You don't "pass" or "fail" classes here. What and how much you learn is up to you. Use these classes as just encouragement and a guidebook for learning more on the topic. Each class generally has an "extra credit" or "further exploration" section in the syllabus too, for students who want to continue learning about the topic after our brief class is over. 


Lovely Living University is a community offering free classes on homemaking, vintage history, cooking, literature, gardening, entertaining, etiquette, and related topics.

You don't get credit or a grade, just the fun of learning new things and discussing lovely topics.

If you would like to teach a lovely course here, read the Instructor FAQ and then please drop me (Carrie) a message.

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