Getting ready for my Olympics viewing party

I wanted to show you pics from my setup and preparations for my Olympics Opening Ceremony viewing party I'm having tomorrow. Anywhere from 40 to 60 people, about 25 of that is kids! 

This is totally different than my Sunday Suppers I've been throwing, as for THIS party I offer quite a variety of foods and drinks.. Sunday Suppers I keep simpler, with one adult entree, one kid entree, two sides, a salad, bread and simple dessert. 

For this party, I hired a lady to come help me get everything ready tomorrow, and my cousin kindly will come over and do the barbecuing/hamburger making/hotdog making for us (I'm vegetarian!) 

Kitchen staging area

Kitchen corner with yet-unpacked grocery bags

Rest of kitchen, with groceries that need to be unpacked but have nowhere to go because both fridges and freezers are full and pantry is stuffed. (Good problem to have!) 

Dining table, with plastic/paper plates and cutlery, decorations, and more groceries. 

My outdoor movie theater. It won't be dark enough to watch until 8:30 and the Olympics opening ceremonies start at 7:30, so I'm a bit nervous - my living room is TINY and very few people will be able to watch in there :( 

All this is why our syllabi for this month's classes are delayed :( 


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